LED light organ

Hello! I’m Cezar, also known as icamaster on some boards, and sometime, when i have free time, i build things.

In this blog i will post some of the things i build using a soldering iron, dremel, hammer and other useful tools. Enjoy!

I will starts with some videos i made a while back, soon i will add pictures of done projects with their specific schematic and pcb layout.

LED light organ – 3 channels

Schematic used by Collin @ MakeMagazine :


PCB (by me) it’s a bit messy (in fact, it’s a big mess) but feel free to ask any questions.

It uses an TL074 (any quad op-amp will work) and TL071 (any mono op-amp like LM741 will work). Most resistors are in vertical position (this is my weakness) because i wanted to be as small as posible. Tranzistor can be any NPN, i used BC547 (fore more LEDs a more powerful one will be needed).

Outputs can be modified so the leds sit on the PCB (i will attach the files for Diptrace).

This is the pcb layout. (dimensions on the third link)

This is the silk.

Here are both with dimensions (you will have to either ask me or figure out how to put the parts that aren’t noted from the schematic, because I was too exited to get this finished when i first made it).

I hope you enjoyed this first post and, as i already said, feel free to ask me any question here, or at my email mini_cezarus@yahoo.com

Have a nice day!


4 thoughts on “LED light organ

  1. cozmalau says:

    acolo cand este .1micro farad sau .0022 micro farad este o,1 mciro si 0,0022 micro?

    • icamaster says:

      Da, ai dreptate. Mai exact .1micro = 0.1 micro = 100 nano farazi si .0022 micro = 0.0022micro = 2.2 nanofarazi. Bafta!

  2. cozmalau says:

    inloc de dioda 1n4002 pot pune 1n4007??

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